My name is Catherine Cureton and I am a quilter based in the Austin area. I have been sewing since I could reach the pedal (thanks Grandma!) and now I work in a fabric store, design patterns, free motion long arm quilt, and create all sorts of fun projects! This website/blog is my way of documenting my work and hopefully inspiring others to create something wonderful!

For those of you who are browsing the internet looking at quilts and thinking of starting, but feeling intimidated, I'd like to share my very first quilt (and all its uhhh "lessons") here.

First mistake: I didn't own a rotary cutter, so I had the bright idea to rip all my fabric into squares. This works in theory because cotton will rip straight on the grain, but it also stretches like crazy when you pull it. YIKES!

Second mistake(s): Consistent seem allowance? ...What's that? Also, ironing? ...Who needs it? Just trust me, you need both!

Third mistake: (And probably the funniest) I didn't know how big to make it, so I just made sure it was PLENTY big! The pack of king size batting ended up being too small (and I had just set out to make a full size quilt). Then, I had to quilt this monster on my TEENY TINY HOME MACHINE...AHHHHH!

Fourth mistake: I had no idea how to bind! And this was pre-Pinterest, pre-Craftsy, pre-me being smart enough to ask for help so, EEEEK. Also, did I mention that this quilt was HUGE!

This quilt does not lay flat, it doesn't even come close to square, not a single point matches, it has tucks, and it has holes  But at the end of the day, I LOVE this quilt and that's all that matters. It gets drug out into the yard on movie night, it gets taken on picnics, kids love playing I spy in the squares. It's had yogurt spilled on it and dirt tromped on it. The imperfections are part of what make this quilt special, and I wouldn't want my first quilt any other way!